Surf's Up!!!

1:10 AM

We decided that we would get surfing lessons today.... We got semi-private it was me and JR with one instructor... After literally 3 minutes in the sand showing us what to do, we headed into the water......And to make a long story short, we both got signed by anyways... we both caught the very first wave we took on.....JR was a little wobbly on the first time so he jumped off after a few seconds... I did pretty good, but i didnt have the steering thing down so i was veering left the whole my second time i was laying back down on the board when the wave died instead of falling/jumping off.....we were both naturals...... we were using 12ft boards....which is evidently the easiest to start on....but honestly i was surprised how easy it was... There were tons of other surfers around...we were at waikiki beach....the waves were on the smaller side, but good enough for us......We dont have any pictures to put up for this... they take pictures of you during your lessons, but they charge you $20 for one picture..... and JR and I weren't too keen on paying $40 dollars to have 2 pictures..... so yeah....we bought a waterproof disposable camera, but the guy said its best not to take those with you because it makes it too hard (i think they just wanted us to buy their pics....) anyways next weekend or whenever we go and rent our own boards we will put up some was awesome.... so our weekend was good....hope yours was too....

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