Fear Factor

8:11 PM

Hawaii is a part of the United States, but seems to be inhabited by Polynesian and Asian people....therefore we have had our share of odd food. Most of the things here, i cant pronounce and have never tried before. We are trying to be open-minded and immerse ourselves in this new culture. So being our open-minded adventurous selves we headed out to todai restaurant (pronounced Tow Dye). This restaurant is a Japanese Seafood/Sushi Buffet. A few of the foods were common such as crab legs and shrimp cocktail. Others were a little more bizarre...but the most shocking one of all was.....Baby Octopus....Dum-dum-dum DUMMMM.......
And we ate it!!!!.... i almost gagged when JR brought it to the table, but somehow i ate it....to be honest, it doesn't taste like anything....it feels like you are chewing on a rubber toy or something....the texture is the weird part because you can feel the little suction cups that are on the tentacles.....it was odd, but it was an interesting experience......
Below is the sequence of when you go through the mountain to the other side of the island....
This is headed to the mountain
this is the view from on the way up
here's the tunnel that cuts through the mountain
the light at the end of the tunnel...lol
a sign to make sure you don't forget to turn your lights off from the tunnel....lol...JR and i have been wanting to get a picture of this for a while but we cant every get it because we don't think about it till we see it and then its too late to pull out the camera....but we were ahead of the game this time...so yeah.... anyways...things are going pretty good here...i still haven't heard anything back from last weeks interview...i do have another interview on Friday in a hyperbaric treatment center--they actually are looking for a nurse manager...i am not sure that i am qualified, but it would be a great opportunity....and i am looking into a rehab center and a general nursing position at a small hospital here.....well guys...hope you all are having a great week..... talk to you later....

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